Our Heritage Has Shaped Us

Hermann and Gerda Hokema first opened in 1964. Believe it or not that is over 50 years ago. Many of you remember our first location on Yuba street in downtown Redding. In1976 we purchased our current location  and opened a store front. Two years later in 1978 we closed the downtown location and moved our entire operation to Bechelli Ln. Over the years we have remodeled the facility several times and finally took over the entire building in 2002.

It's our passion for people that drives us.

We live here just like you, we care for our community, just like you. We can help you care for your own home with our knowledge and expertise and help you find the perfect vacuum or sewing machine for your specific need.

We want to be known for our excellence.

We focus on product with exclusive lines, and people whom we continuously train on these superior products. To convey the features and benefits of the products to you we are committed to constant promotions.

Besides the obvious “it is a living,” serving you is our way of giving back to the community. Many of you have invested your heart and soul into our lives. We choose the thank you by serving others and paying it forward.


With over 50 years of experience, the Hokema's family is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. We always stay up to date with the latest industry trends.

Hardy Hokema
Sewing Machine Operations
Since 1992

Frank Hokema
Vacuum and Parts Operations
Since 1985

Michael Hokema
Vacuum and Parts Operations
Since 1999

Kristi Hokema
Sewing Machine Operations
Since 2013

Extended Family (Staff)

We are proud to employ what we believe to be the finest staff in Redding and the Northstate. Each staff member has been hand selected and trained to bring you a specific valued skill.

Zelda Evans
Sewing Customer Service

Brenda Christian
Vacuum Customer Service

Christie Smith
Sewing Customer Service

Steven Taff
Vacuum Cleaner Service

JD Spears
Sewing Machine Service

Pamela Streeter
Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger

Fun Fact: For the record Hardy, Frank and Michael are brothers. Growing up our dad called us Hardyfrankmike. When we heard that we knew that we were in trouble.

Unparalleled Selection and Expertise


Over 45,000 Sewing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners Serviced - Since 2003 we have serviced over 45,000 sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. This means that we know how to service yours.


Over 4,500 bags, belts, and filters in stock - We have over 4,500 bags, belts and filter in stock which means we probably have yours.


150 + models of Vacuum Cleaners and Sewing Machines in stock - At any given time we have 150 to 175 different models of vacuum cleaners and sewing machines in stock. I challenge you to find this many models in one location for your hands on inspection in any other retail store.


2,500 hours of customer instruction per year - Sewing enthusiasts like yourself spent in excess of 2,500 hours in 2012 learning about the sewing arts.


250+ formal employee training hours per year - Our employees receive more than 250 hours of formal training per year. This does include the hours that we spend creating projects, reading manuals and books, watching videos and talking to you. Yes, we learn many facts, techniques and procedures when we listen and interact with you about your challenges. Many of these events involve traveling to our vendor locations. We are committed to ensuring that our staff is well trained.

Come by the store and meet us in person
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