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Unparalleled Selection and Expertise


Over 45,000 Sewing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners Serviced - Since 2003 we have serviced over 45,000 sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. This means that we know how to service yours.


Over 4,500 bags, belts, and filters in stock - We have over 4,500 bags, belts and filter in stock which means we probably have yours.


150 + models of Vacuum Cleaners and Sewing Machines in stock - At any given time we have 150 to 175 different models of vacuum cleaners and sewing machines in stock. I challenge you to find this many models in one location for your hands on inspection in any other retail store.


2,500 hours of customer instruction per year - Sewing enthusiasts like yourself spent in excess of 2,500 hours in 2012 learning about the sewing arts.


250+ formal employee training hours per year - Our employees receive more than 250 hours of formal training per year. This does include the hours that we spend creating projects, reading manuals and books, watching videos and talking to you. Yes, we learn many facts, techniques and procedures when we listen and interact with you about your challenges. Many of these events involve traveling to our vendor locations. We are committed to ensuring that our staff is well trained.
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